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 In the pursuit of Gold by Lapidus

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PostSubject: In the pursuit of Gold by Lapidus   Sat Jun 01, 2013 1:18 am

I decided to post this book here because its the text that the secret book of artephius was said to be extracted from

and honestly it is worth a serious read to the serious searcher
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PostSubject: Re: In the pursuit of Gold by Lapidus   Sat Jun 01, 2013 11:49 am

A fine suggestion Sun,

I have have had this book for some time, it very deep in reference and understanding, well worth reading!

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PostSubject: Re: In the pursuit of Gold by Lapidus   Sat Jun 01, 2013 12:42 pm

Nice research done by Lapidus, no question about it but he got the Secret Fire wrong.
He thought it to be a invsible metallic vapour produced by digestion of Iron Oxide+Antimony together through prolonged period's of time (a year ot two) and this is clearly wrong.

He failed to understand what medieval Alchemist's actually understood under the term vapour.
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PostSubject: Re: In the pursuit of Gold by Lapidus   Sat Jun 01, 2013 8:00 pm

Hi every body

antimony,arthephius, lapidus, secret fire, alkaest vinegar of antimony

but (as i have just say in one last post on petaclorure of antimony es : etc in the forum ) about arthephius him vapour secret fire and the interpretation of it of lapidus
a certain alleilus (personage much discussed ) master of the web vetriolum (as also well knows by TP ) argues that the artheèhius etc indicate a vapour-liquor that is formed by sal ammoniac and antimony regulus flowers of amtimony etc is a one liquid vapour of distillation of they called petaclorure of antimony (antimony pentachloride, BY HIM ELABORATE BY THE INSTRUCTION OF RAMS VINEGAR DE ANTIMONY antimony pentachloride ACID THAT FROM THE PHOTOS AND SOME TEST HE HAVE POST IN MANY FORUM BY HIM EXPERIMENT DISSOLVE GOLD REALLY SEEM ? ) and some say that this is the true Alkaest of arthephius etc and for what aserire runs to a text collection of RAMS porpuri 2 on the antimony and vinegar of antimony which SEEM ? in fact would SEEM ? to indicate that particular processing made by antimony

nb but
it petaclorure of antimony is one acid very corrosive but ? arthephius in him book not say that this a the caratteristic of him vapour liquor alkaest and this is one a big differerentation of this discovery of the liquid vapour acid of the petaclorure of antimony

my best regars alexbr

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PostSubject: Re: In the pursuit of Gold by Lapidus   Sat Jun 01, 2013 10:33 pm

antimony,arthephius, lapidus, secret fire, alkaest vinegar of antimony

and hypotheses on the identification with the secret fire of arthephis report here the deductions posted in a forum by the researcher and experimentator alleilus (personage much discussed ) with which alleilus (personage much discussed ) second him he explains how he would understand that the antimony pentachloride, (antimony pentachloride, BY HIM ELABORATE BY THE INSTRUCTION OF RAMS VINEGAR DE ANTIMONY antimony pentachloride ACID THAT FROM THE PHOTOS AND SOME TEST HE HAVE POST IN MANY FORUM BY HIM EXPERIMENT DISSOLVE GOLD REALLY SEEM ? ) would correspond to the secret fire vapor liquor arthephius etc.

quote :

This is the step that I used to figure out the alkahest is antimony pentachloride.

I was analyzing the symbol for the vinegar of antimony located here:

It is the symbol for antimony (the earth, world, or mundi as it is called) with a sal ammoniac star symbol in the middle. To me this means antimony combined with sal ammoniac.

Now, I research the vinegar of antimony, and found this in Potpourri Vol 2 of the RAMS library:

What does it say? Read it, and find out. It plainly states that the alkahest is the vinegar of antimony, and the same as the mercurius philosophorum.

Isn't the alkahest also called the mercury of the philosophers, or the philosophical mercury?

That's how I discovered it.

The alkahest is antimony pentachloride. The alkahest is the vinegar of antimony. The alkahest is the spirit of antimony. The alkahest is the spirit of the world (spiritus mundi, mundi means world, earth, and antimony is given the symbol of earth). The alkahest is the philosophical spirit of wine, or the al-kohl (antimony is also called alcohol as a cover-name).

It was made by distilling flowers of antimony (the white lily, our magnesia, the white earth, the alba salis, the white calx, etc) with sal ammoniac, or distilling regulus of antimony with sal ammoniac. It distills over at 140c as a white fuming liquid. It's very corrosive, very dangerous, and very deadly. It is the flying dragon, serpent, and most dangerous poison. It is the universal solvent. If you get it on your fingers, it will dissolve your skin, muscles, bones, etc. If you breathe it, it will dissolve your lungs, etc. It is very dangerous to work with, and I don't recommend it. This is why it was kept secret. You mess up, you die, and that's the end of the fairy tale.


It doesn't contain the same poisonous nature of the alkahest (the pentoxide oxidation charge). What you should know is that the stone was actually known as purified or whitened "antimony" for the most part. It was antimony trisulfidfe calcined to a white antimony trioxide. That was the first stone of the ancients from what I understand.
> All alchemy is useless without antimony. Antimony IS the earth, it is the stone, it is the salt of the philosophers, and it is the foundation stone of all alchemy. Without antimony, we do not have the Philosopher's Stone as we know it.
> The next step that was taken seems to have been the production of antimony oxychloride, and in the middle centuries this became very famous as the algarot powder, or the mercurius vitae. It was very useful, but taken it in large amounts tended to produce emetic effects.Â
> Now, the white stone of luna from the alkahest, or vinegar of antimony is produced in a very easy manner, just requires a few steps, and proper heating regimen.Â
> Antimony is antimutagenic, immunostimulant, antibacterial, and antiviral. It has many medicinal uses, was highly valued by the ancients, and by the alchemists of the middle ages. When we combine this with something like silver, then it becomes even more potent. Silver has a wide medicinal profile, and is really a miracle element. It healing abilities have been completely covered up by modern pharma (they like to promote organic compounds for treating symptoms, and not actually treating the root cause). The issue is that the FDA doesn't allow the use of these metals very easily in practice, and they cannot be used by modern doctors like they should.Â
> Actually, any preparation of antimony in a colloidal state is very beneficial, and as you reduce the particle size of the colloids it acts less harmfully, and more beneficially. The same goes for silver, and gold. Colloidal preparations of these were known by the alchemists under different guises, but modern alchemists seem to have completely missed this, or simply do not understand what they were doing in a chemical/organo-metallic sense.Â
> I can't actually tell you the formula of the lunar or white Philosopher's Stone yet, nor the red, or the green. This is still a very very very closely guarded secret, and I would be basically maimed alive if I were to even hint to anything. I'm taking great chances even telling you all this. I can tell you this because I've performed most of this research myself, but I do have a friend that has helped with lot. He wishes to remain anonymous, but he takes a large part of the credit for some of the more touchy subjects. I am limited by what I can say. Please excuse me, I'm trying very hard not to step on his toes, his associates toes, and still trying to be helpful to the alchemy community as a whole. I care about the community very much, but I also have obligations, and care about him very much. I don't want to put him in any danger. This is ALL I can say on this subject.

fine quote

so the resercher and experimentator alleilus (personage much discussed ) him have reason with him hypotheses on identification the antimony pentachloride with vinegar of antimony and the sedret fire of arthephius lapidus etc ??? or not ???

my best regard alexbr

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PostSubject: Re: In the pursuit of Gold by Lapidus   Sun Jun 02, 2013 1:44 am

T.P. you are absolutely correct

the reason why i posted the book is the fact that.. the books he quotes explain how without metals... or using antimony... no transmutation can truly be done to the extent that is described in books

but the laboratory procedures are all wrong lol

he emphasizes the fact that the regulus of antimony is used... (which is just mere pure elemental antimony which can be bought cheap)

and glauber tells you how to prepare it right in his book called "secretfire.pdf" in the rams which i have made myself

but yet it is still not the whole trueh because in one of glaubers books he speaks of being old and frail and dying... and says how he never made the true medicine
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PostSubject: Re: In the pursuit of Gold by Lapidus   Sun Jun 02, 2013 3:37 pm

Antimony pentachloride.... Boiling point. 176 °C
Antimony trichloride..........Boiling point. 220 °C

Both are Lewis acids (accept electrons) and stong reducing agents. Generate HCl that is corrosive. Certainly dissolve metals. Distillation shouldnt be a problem. But I still have to nail down what is the real mercury...or is it a mix of both?
Process for preparing high purity antimony trichloride and antimony oxide from stibnite ores
US 3944653 A

Synthesis of nanoparticle silica-supported antimony pentachloride
(SbCl 5-SiO2)

Pentachloride: text from 1887

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PostSubject: Re: In the pursuit of Gold by Lapidus   Sun Jun 02, 2013 5:34 pm

Alexbr i want to point out that Secret Fire is not the same as the Alkahest. Secret fire can be used to prepare the Alkahest but it's not always necessary, there are other ways to achieve the same result.

Antimony Pentachloride is Aleilius Alkahest of choice but it is hard to believe that the medieval alchemist were capable of preparing Pentachloride of Antimony with their limited understanding of chemical reactions.

Sunwokung i need to go through Glaubers book again and remind myself what he had hinted at but we must be carefull that Glauber's opinion of Secret Fire must not necessarily be the same Secret Fire of Pontanus and Artephius.

In his book Miraculum Mundi I was under impression (but i need to check it once more) that Glauber prepared his Alkahest entirely from Nitre. He was fascinated that Nitre can both produce high Ph acidity (nitric acid) and high Ph alkalinity (potash) when Nitre is fixed with charcoal.

So his idea of Universal solvent appears to be a marriage of Acid and Alcali so that such a solvent will posses a maximum amount of acidic and alcaline Ph at the same time. At least this was his Theory.

It is noteworthy to mention that Golden Rosicrucians had the same idea about their Universal solvent.

One last thing Golden Rosicrucians differentiated between Universal solvent, Secret fire and the Alkahest. lol! To them those were 3 separate things!

Let someone figure that out! drunken

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PostSubject: Re: In the pursuit of Gold by Lapidus   Sun Jun 02, 2013 7:17 pm

Ok, i have finished reading Glauber's Secret Fire and yes he comes close to it but in somewhat strange manner of working. Silver and Gold dissolved together, i mean really? I will rather use Iron+Gold or Copper+Gold than Silver+Gold but nevermind...

Glauber calls his animated red butter Secret fire which contains so much more like Sulphurs of Gold+Silver, Acid of Sea salt, Mercury of Antimony...

I will rather call this butter Red Lion Or Mercurius Triplicatus rather than Secret fire but ok... Let him be.
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PostSubject: Re: In the pursuit of Gold by Lapidus   Mon Jun 03, 2013 3:20 am

I will say this right now and out right

this secret philosophical preparation of nitre is something that not only i have no idea about..... but no book truly tells you how to prepare it

i seriously dont have the slightest clue and i personally believe this is the one thing that is hidden and past in silence.

even in john pontanus book where he recommends artephius..... he says in the beginning "once i found the matter"

matter in its simplest definition is an object that occupies space.... this secret matter is what they call nitre but it is not the nitre of the vulgar... as rather they always say "if you understand our words by the common meaning you will never achieve anything in the art"

following those words..... it cant be potassium nitrate like everyone so believes.... it just cannot... chemical potassium nitrate does not have a sweet oil that does not mix with common water...... common nitre doesn do these things that others have spoke of

and the preparation of this is so secret that i have found no book on it.....

i personally believe this niter is what this forum is looking for.....because see there is a bacstrom book that says something about "artificial antimony" which is an enigma to me

go into your rams and look up "LIBERSECRET.PDF

THIS is this only BOOK that i have found that mentions "ARTIFICAL ANTIMONY"

honestly im updating you all to my work that im currently working on as i dont have the slightest clue what would artifical antimony be and on top of that lets make a stretch and say what if this is the antimony most philosophers speak of......

this is an excerpt from the book

Take our Artificial Antimony, but not the Natural
Antimony as it comes out of the Earth, for that is too dry
for our work, and hath little or no humidity, or fatness in
it, but take I say, our Artificial Antimonial Compound,
which is abundantly replinished with the Dew Of Heaven and
the fatness and unctuosity of the earth, wherein precious
Oils and rich Mercuries are by Nature closely sealed up,
and hidden from the eyes of all ignorant deriders of the
great and wonderful mysteries of Almighty God, to the end
that seeing they should not see, nor understand, what he
hath in-closed in the most obvious, common, and
contemptible beginnings of all Things in the whole World.
This our Antimonial Compound is only to be revealed to
the Children of Art, who firmly believe the constant truth
thereof, and whom in all fraternal love and charity we say,
that it is made of one Sulphur, and of two Mercuries, which
otherwise by the wise Philosophers are called, the Sun,
Moon, and Mercury, or as some of them will more plainly
have it, Salt, Sulphur, and Mercury, which are the three
several and distinct substances and bodies, although for the most part we term them but one Thing,
because in the conclusion of our work they make but one
Thing, that is our admirable Elixir, and they have all one
original, and tend altogether but to one end. For if we had
not in our Work a triune aspect of these Planets, and did
not begin it with a Trinity, all would be lost labour and
inutilous profile.

I rally couldnt tell you what this thing is but what i can tell you is this..... this artificial antimony is what this forum needs to find

you see when i first joined the forum i had my bag of tricks i found from my own search.... but then i began to search for answers that this forum specifically searches for......and honestly this is the truest hardcore mystery of all alchemy

i know a lot of elixirs that can be made and ive made some wonderful ones myself..... but this is the one you are all after..... this mystery is far too grand.... it is the highest of high secrets of alchemy... what i want everyone on this forum to understand after my search into the subject is that THIS IS NO LIGHT SUBJECT

this is the highest guarded secret of all secrets of alchemy..... because in my opinion all of the stuff i know was not only far to easy in my eyes....but most of it is plainly explained in a lot of books if you understand their language by simply just keeping in mind what year the book was written in and keeping in mind when certain chemicals got their official names and where the origin of the name came from...

but whats apparent to me is after a while they used common names to explain materials which is the true reason for ultimate failure..... they didnt give their own names to these things but covered them with common names to deceive common people......which honestly is the most childish yet genius way to hide their art in plain sight

they hid their language under the guise of another language which forces you to experiment and try to find something that has the properties of what they describe using common names without giving the substance a true name to distinguish itself.....

one of the highest form of deception is to omit information.....which is what they have done and then it seems that using these terms became the normal for alchemist so they all ended up deceiving each other all day

so when i give my advice about "knowing the philosophy and studying nature"

whoever takes these words lightly will struggle literally up until death if you don't kill yourself before that

everyone needs to realize how well kept this secret is... not just by the philosophers but nature itself keeps this secret.... and then you must know that it must be "revealed" to you

these alchemist literally rely on sacred magic to grant and hide this art to the worthy... which is why most say a few saying that are everywhere

"if you know not the beginning you know not the end"

" you can only learn this art from God himself or a Master"

"do not understand our words by their common meaning"

and better yet let em quote artephius

" these things are so set down by obscure philosophers to deceive the unwary, as we have before spoken; for is not this "ars cabalistica" or a secret and a hidden art? Is it not an art full of secrets? And believest thou O fool that we plainly teach this secret of secrets, taking our words according to their literal signification? Truly, I tell thee, that as for myself, I am no ways self seeking, or envious as others are; but he that takes the words of the other philosophers according to their common signification, he even already, having lost Ariadne's clue of thread, wanders in the midst of the labyrinth, multiplies errors, and casts away his money for naught."



the word kabbalah means TO RECEIVE OR THE RECEPTION

meaning you do not figure out a damn thing, you don't solve, you dont decipher, you dont try to understand, you receive and ACCEPT

so while all of the failures relied on their own genius and education.....

the truth is your are at the mercy of the 7 it is they who decided your fate in this art which is 1 of the 3 sacred arts.... all 3 arts are truly just 1 art and these arts protect one another

if the 7 is too obscure them think of the 7 planets.. their congregation is called fate....

it is they who decreed nicks fate

the alchemist are not the ones who fought hard to keep it hidden but rather they were warned to keep it hidden in fear of punishment.... it is they who keep it secret...... it is they who find you worthy.....

now this may sound like superstition but i will tell you right now the whole truth

every single leap i ever made in this art was literally because of a dream or when i was in a meditative state of mind and something literaly jumped into my head from no where ideas i would have never thought of

I did not do this out of my own so called genius.....honestly there are a lot of you on this forum who amaze me... how much experience you guys have, how much a lot of you have studied.... how many years you all have put into searching this you all have set your heart so hard on this... and how hard you all strive..... how hard you all believe.....i have a new set of eyes after all of my private discussions with everyone and i can stand here and say...... you guys have done your due diligent work... i never doubted anyone here.... but i have learned a lot about the characters of a lot of you......

i had a D in chemistry in high school..... i had no lab experience..... i had known nothing of all of this..... i began this work with the intention of healing and giving remedy to those around me who i love and no other reason......i long suffered for them not for myself.....I didn't even need this art for myself at the time i discovered this thing called alchemy

by no means am i special in anyway

I call my self a sage not by all the wisdom I have or knowledge i have gained

but rather i discovered how much I truly do not know....and by know i mean knowledge comes from experience.... i experienced how much I didn't know because the heart is the center of all knowledge.....please understand my meaning.....

i experienced how my own perspective means nothing... no amount of reading will give you wisdom.... it comes from the heart.... from experience.....i experienced how endless knowledge and wisdom really is.....knowing my place is what makes me a sage.....not the place people put me in... but my own place....i know who i am but more importantly i know who i am not

how does this relate to alchemy?

when you practice the philosophy you will end up discovering ones true self..... you get enlightened on this life you live and your place in it.... what you can do and what you cannot do.... you realize that nature is doing all of the work and you just live realize all your doing is preparing things to make the work easier for nature to do what it has been doing since the beginning of time.... length wise it is infinitely wiser when it comes to itself..... itself that you live dwell in nature and its been alive far longer than any created being..... and its heading towards some unreachable end.... forever striving for light

now nature has some sort of secret seed of all cant even fathom how high of a secret that is......i cant either...... it is said this thing.... this niter is what was used to create the entire world (emerald tablet of hermes)

do you not see you are trying to do the work of Gods? the work of the 7?

they were alive at the beginning and you were not.....what human can you truly rely on for that information? for that knowledge? what human do you believe truly comprehended this substance?

they are the Logos..... they are the foundation of the art... the 7 processes of alchemy are named after them and 7 planets were attributed to them in their honor, the 7 days of the week are in their names.... it is they who have their operations within the 12 houses and without the 12 houses

it is they who govern the 7 chakras in your body.. or rather the 7 main hormonal glands within..... anybody who went to school knows hormones control your mood, emotions and feelings, they govern your growth, your health, your everything,.....the things of the heart.....the things of the soul

the 7 know your heart...... they know your soul......they give and take away as they please..... in a very scientific way but is nothing short of spiritual

this is what i mean i know my place.....

it if by this reason..... it is they of govern your progress in life and in this art.... and it is this all philosophers understood and relied upon... what true sages understood......

how can you expect to make the philosophers stone.... without becoming a philosopher?

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PostSubject: Re: In the pursuit of Gold by Lapidus   Mon Jun 03, 2013 7:56 am

Hey Sun,

I recall reading a post by Nick quite awhile ago, he said something about combining magnetically charged Iron with Antimony. There was a bit more to it than that but searching his post history may yield results. I wonder about this as the word compound implies two or more ingredients. That would presumably alter the qualities of "natural Antimony" to become Artificial Antimony . What are your thoughts on this?

Best regards
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PostSubject: Re: In the pursuit of Gold by Lapidus   Mon Jun 03, 2013 2:47 pm

king jay,

somtimes the obscure thing is too much clear, for this reason nobody find it.

always exist a more obscure thing to search.

modern chemistry is a TOTAL and DIAVOLICAL perversion of ALCHEMY, for this reason I say "think alchemically", all and the reaction of some ignorant people they understand nothing.

angels & demons are the same, good & evil don't exist, another esoteric principle, angels & demons have their own agenda, not usually your, so be very careful with the "help" ofered by. you are only a fool/tool in the hands of this beings.

follow the Lucifer path and be you a Hierophant. if you get this path you have many work to do, live whitout food, to fly at will, materialize and dematerialize the body, space travell ... well you need, or not, some lives for achieve this but the others "paths" are only living forever in chaos. Arrow

A hierophant is an interpreter of "sacred" mysteries and arcane principles. (wikipe.)

bona sort!!
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PostSubject: Re: In the pursuit of Gold by Lapidus   Mon Jun 03, 2013 3:47 pm

Sun isnt that the tract from George's Ripley Compound Of Alchemy?
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PostSubject: Re: In the pursuit of Gold by Lapidus   Mon Jun 03, 2013 4:28 pm

I aatempted to "translate" the text given by our fellow friend T.P. and here is what i managed to find.

Processus IVtus

The preparation of the universal solvent

"1st symbol unkown" ,alcohol,salt and soda aa:pour them together and distill them.Of this alcohol,take 1/2 lb. and pour it over 1/2 lb. of soda and salt mixed together.Put it in a retort and distill the alcohol by slow degrees in such a way that the salts are not calcined but only go slowly up to the 3rd degree in sand.When all the alcohol is distilled,add 1/2 lb. of fresh alcohol and pour everything back on the salts in the retort.Let them dissolve together and digest 1 "uknown symbol".Then distill it slowly and only to one-third.Repeat this work one more and do in everything as you were taught for the first process.When everything has gone over and nothing is left behind,your universal menstruum has also been well and properly prepared."

Now i will share the book i used to decode the symbols in 1-2 days in case i manage to find what the other 2 mean,but until then it would be good if some of you as well laid a hand on this Smile Pleaze if someone is in position to carry out the exact process once(hopefully) it has been decoded completely,it would be good to let us now,but when it is decoded,pleaze copy/paste the text on an archive of your own so that we can remove it from the public view since that is also a secret of great value.(after having this stored in our data,we can send it to anyone so no problem about it being forever gone etc.,the secret keeping case is only to show respect to the Rosicrucians)

(The Soda is also called Nitre or Saltpetre)

UPDATE:The first symbol might mean a receipt or receive according to this(the symbols resemble each other so i am not sure)

2ND UPDATE:The second uknown symbol probably means "Day and Night" as in the fllowing link,you shall see that this symbol is named "DN" and above it is the single upper pointing sphere that indicates "day" so "DN" probably mean "day and night" as i perceive it".

3ND AND FINAL UPDATE:The First symbol(that is also mentioned in the first update) more likely symbolizes an action and not an ingredient as in the next link,the symbol clearly matches the one on the script and therefore the decryption has been completed and ended.Now we shall wait for someone to carry out this process.)
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PostSubject: Re: In the pursuit of Gold by Lapidus   Tue Jun 04, 2013 12:25 am

Alchemists were making all sorts of stuff... nobody knew entirely what anyone else was talking about. So why even worry or bother finding this alkahest or that fire...

what's important is... what can the final product do? The alkahest or whatever that produces the most useful final product is the one that should be pursued. What can we do with the alchemical product. Otherwise it is a waste of time in my mind.

What is this Lucifer path? Hierophant? This is relevant to my interests.
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In the pursuit of Gold by Lapidus
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